47 years  =  564 months

47 years  =  2 452.34048  Weeks

47 years  =  17 166.3833  Days

47 years  =  411 993.2  Hours

47 years  =  24 719 592 Minutes

47 years  =  1.48317552 × 109 Seconds

47 years  =  1.5 Billion heart beats (give or take a few flutters, murmur stops and terror thuds and thumps)

47 is the 15th prime number

47 has a movement dedicated to it being the quintessential random number.  The 47 society,  is  connected to Star Trek through one it’s members who was a writer for the program,  and it’s subsequent appearance in movies and television is due to his introduction of this fascination for the number 47.

47 is the telephone code for Norway

Stephen Kings house number is 47…I could go on, by why should I deny you the superstitious and joyful curiosity of trolling the internet yourself?

Oh, as of today, I have been on this planet for 47 years.  Of course, if I died, they would say I was in my 48th year, but hey, why split hairs or years for that matter.  There aren’t as many years as hairs, so why rush when you brush?  Found a lump, going to remove said lump, lump better not be cancer.  Advice:  Always self exam girls.  Always.  It’s important. Never dismiss anything as nothing.    Now, if you read this, go out and eat something terribly tasty and absolutely bad for you.  I know I will.  😉   Now if all that isn’t poetic, what the hell is?


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

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  1. My comment here is fashionably late, but know I’ve been with you in spirit this whole time. I’m glad that you’re posting again. Often, it feels like we either have to be ALL IN or ALL OUT of our blogs – but that’s not true. There’s a happy medium and breaks are necessary. Now, about your health – do I need to come up there and make you up a batch of my great grandmother’s cure-all toxin remover? It involves whiskey, and whiskey, and.. well, hell, that’s all it involves. What a pair we would make if we wrote a drunken collaboration! I do believe we could take over the world. Or at least Canada.

    1. Dear sweet Bryan, just like an American to want to take over Canada lol Fashionably late or not, I know you’ve been hanging with me spirit wise. 🙂 I just couldn’t help myself the other day, I simply had to go over to your blog and rattle the lions cage and roust you out. 😉 I agree, breaks are important, but it seems to me my time away was as long as a fart, burp and foot shuffle. I’d fully intended on pissing off for good, but the best laid plans of mice and Valda are evident here. Bryan, you and I collaborating on anything, hammered or sober would have grave implications for repressed conservatives everywhere. Hey, how about we take over AMERICA instead! 😉 I’ve missed you, enormously my very good friend. HUGS

  2. Yay! Thanks for passing on the good news Val. Great to see you back and sharing your writing. A toast to you. I’m contemplating that request for a parallel uni verse or two.

    1. I like that Brad, uni verse lol I like the way you frig around with words and their order etc. Thanks again for the good vibes, they were needed. 🙂

  3. Welcome back, Val!
    Hope you had a nice vacation from here,
    and I surely hope you had a wonderful B-day.

    Sorry to hear about ol’ lumpy, though.
    I wish you the best of luck with that,
    and I’ll keep my fingers crossed for ya.

    1. Uh huh…ya think so do ya bindo? lol Actually, this is so out of character for me. I say bye, it’s as final as a mushroom cloud. I must be getting soft, or old, or simple, or, god help me, like everyone else. The last one is the worst case scenario, but I bet you knew that bindo. Thank you good friend for your bday wish and this new side of you better not be a sign you’re getting warm and fuzzy and shit. 😉

  4. Hey Val. So good to see you again. 47 is a cool number. I notice that it shares a mathematically linear heritage with 13, which just happens to be my favorite number. No, it’s not a favorite for superstitious reasons. By the way, the young lady of the house just asked me ‘what’s that sci-fi theory where time travel in the future changes the past?’ I couldn’t think of the name, but the Prime Directive came immediately to mind. I must be spending too much time reading normative philosophy. I digress. Happy Birthday to you, excepting that nasty lump which, frankly, can go jump. xx

    1. Hi Brad, I think 13 is a dandy number and it’s linear connection to 47 is brilliant. Retrocausality, predestination paradoxes and jumping paralell universes by means of wormholes. This stuff fascinates me endlessly and because of an ability I possess, it opens up so many possibilities for what we humans are and why we are here. I like that the young lady of the house thinks of these things, she sounds like a seeker. Yep, that prime directive 😉 Don’t affect those who lag behind. Ethical stuff indeed and a good area of philosophy to focus attention, especially with the social/spiritual/political climate in which we are all drowning. Thanks for the bday wishes and the lump taking a jump. You be a cool dude. 🙂

    1. Hey medicatedlady, thank you and listen: you take care of you. My brain picking can wait, but it will be fun when we do it. 🙂 HUGS

  5. mazal tov.
    if i understand your counting. you are actually entering the 48th year on this plant, in that body. means you are on the verge of the end of the 7×7 years circle… coming into the 2nd step of life…

    1. Thank you D! Yes, and one can feel it on the interior layers of their being. It’s difficult to explain but one feels more ‘constant’ about life.

  6. I did miss you my dear friend, somehow we have not been talking or commenting lately, but the important thing is that we are now.
    Well happy birth day to you, and I wish you experiment true happines if possible all of the time.

    Here is a quotation I think you might like:
    Why has the pleasure of slowness disappeared? Ah, where have they gone, the amblers of yesteryear? Where have they gone, those loafing heroes of folk song, those vagabonds who roam from one mill to another and bed down under the stars? Have they vanished along with footpaths, with grasslands and clearings, with nature? There is a Czech proverb that describes their easy indolence by a metaphor: ‘they are gazing at God’s windows.’ A person gazing at God’s windows is not bored; he is happy. In our world, indolence has turned into having nothing to do, which is a completely different thing: a person with nothing to do is frustrated, bored, is constantly searching for an activity he lacks

    Send you my love dear.

    1. I love that quote mariana, because they say something dangerous. They promote relaxation and appreciation of the minutes and not the action of living. Most people are so caught up in being a cog that they are unable to see the wheel itself. Gazing out God’s windows…and…constantly searching for an activity he lacks. perfectly stated. I love you too mariana and I miss our exchange of thought and feeling very much. We must email at the very least, or I fear my mind may turn to mush for the lack of deeper thought and discussion! HUGS

  7. Val, it dare not be cancer if it knows what’s good for it. You’ll beat the hell out of it and send it packing, because from what I’ve seen and heard, you’re like that.

    Keep that feisty head up and have faith that it’s going to be okay. Because it will.

    Happy Birthday doesn’t seem to be appropriate, but I’m saying it anyway, because I’m happy you are here and I am happy I know you. If you lived close by, we’d have chocolate dripping down our chins right now and looking forward to a second serving. Since you’re not, I’m going to go indulge enough for both of us.
    XOXO Danielle

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