God Is A Bureaucrat

One day while walking along the blazing trail of the sun, I took my neat and sharp portfolio of deeds to the one.  It slid into step besided me surpising me with its presence before I reached the final destination where it resided.  It greeted me with the usual salutary discourse of Good to see you/ it has been a while since we last spoke/you and I ought to set a schedule for regular meetings.  After exhausting every pointless phrase, it took  my portfolio of deeds, read it from cover to cover, pausing temporarily, here and there, now and again, on feelings like anger, love and sadness.  Eventually, it closed the cover and tossed it into the vanquishing fire that roared all around us.  We stood togther watching it burn, thoughtful in the simplicity of the demise of struggle.  After some time, it turned to me, shrugging and sighing.  “You know, THEY think you are being too much of a renegade.  Now, I don’t mind that sort of thing, in fact, I think it’s admirable and progressive in an offbeat way.  Here is the thing though, once the committee took over the administration, things became more democratic.  You have to start playing it by the book.”  I hung my head in a resignation I knew was eternal to me before speaking.  “Yeah, I thought this was coming.  After the last life I got a reprimand from the co-chairs.  I don’t give a shit you know how many elections they have or how many times their names change, they’re all clones.”  It put its hands in its pockets and shifted from one foot to the other. “I fully understand your position and because of this, I’m going to make a recommendation on your behalf.  Maybe if I make a plea to allow you some room to move and angle, just enough to keep you off their radar, you can go about the next three hundred lives with a free agent type status.  How would that be?”  “Yeah, sure, I appreciate any leeway you can give me.  I’m still curious about something.  Why did you change the system?”  It looked away for a moment before facing me.  “Oh, I needed a vacation really.  You know how I like a change.  I became weary of the grind and everything became so predictable.  I may go back to the old way, but for now I’m enjoying this perspective, the chain of beings passing along deeds and intentions.  Trust me, I’ve got enough work to keep me occupied.  Then it’ laughed and said, I bet you didn’t think God could be a bureaucrat, did you?”  I blinked and was awake.


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “God Is A Bureaucrat”

  1. A brilliant post, that is thought provoking.. Like your other posts, it provides us readers with a lot of varied perspectives to think on, and look from!

  2. Good text Val, it was nice to read it.
    I did not thought about him being a burocrat, but after thinking about it for a meaning, it is clear that he might. Came on look at the world arround yourself, how society is organize, who made that? who stated it? of course it was himself, so that derived from him. That is one of the reasons that shows that he is not perfect, you can see it, at least for me burocracy is uselles, a waste of time mostly, and of energy, just to hear those word that almost always acompany it puts me in a bad mood, and makes me want to go someone else to read.
    Be well dear

  3. Very symbolic sweetie, you are an Author, the way I figure is that Editors and Publishers are spoiled now, they have big names and know they can get more, so why bother with someone new…they make so much money they don’t care. And they miss out on extraordinary new talent…well since life balances itself out, next life you’ll either be a Recognized and Well celebrated Author or you’ll be a Editor and YOU will change the entire Bureaucracy, God Willing of course x

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