In Light Of The Recent Twitter Debacle…

I felt this deserved a repost.

Bitter Twitter Brokers

Query agent

Query fail

Stamped and sealed

Sent by mail

Still no one

Will buy my tale

I send them literature

A bright red rose

And in return

They thumb their nose

In spite of all my overtures

Not one  will buy my prose

They say they have

What people need

They say they know

What people read

But art is not their thing

They’re expertise is greed

Don’t make them angry

They will tell

The black list long

A deep dark well

So keep submitting

To publishing hell

What do they really do ?

Besides make writers bitter

And where are they now?

These contract knitters

I’ll tell you where

They’re all on Twitter


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

12 thoughts on “In Light Of The Recent Twitter Debacle…”

  1. For sure, the publishers seem to have a ridiculously twisted mindframe.. its never easy to figure out what is to their liking.. and its certainly not pure, unadulterated art!

    1. It’s all subjective and about personal taste really Dark Lord. The truth is, the average reader isn’t an English lit grad, but rather a human being working at a job they despise and reading to escape mind numbing boredom or life. THESE are the people who matter to me and they are the only people who should be hired to judge the work of a writer.

  2. Nice poem on twitter, I just being doing some research on twitter today, some new twitter tools that let you visualize the words and people who say it in a speciall way and then other two that are awfull, according to what I think, that supposedly evaluate the tweet people made seing if it has a good or bad inclunation it intself. These is one of them
    take care

    1. I went to the link you sent Mariana and that icon is not my bag. It reminds me of old time elevator gauges. I’ve kept myself off twitter because I just don’t have the energy or time to spend talking about nothing. The thought of it exhausts me and I’m essentially a hyper thinker/doer, therefore it must be manic. What are they trying to do with the internet? Are they trying to pilfer the human imagination? Well, they can’t have mine. hugs

      1. Do not worry val, they fail horrendously, all the measurments they say they can automatically give you about an opinion are at least 60% wrong is this kind or products, so it is just a bleff, something to show to the world that wants to belive that it kind of works. Let me completelly randomly make it up to you and show you and all website I used to like, related to this kind of stuff:

      2. I agree mariana. To me, twitter is just an amalgamation of a chat room an bulletin board. I feel most people will become bored with it after a while and then something else will replace it. My issue with it, is that people in the publishing industry, ie; literary agents and editors, climb aboard the twitter train and diminish their profession while simultaneously getting into pointless discussions with writers who are jostling for position and to be noticed. Inevitably, it becomes a popularity contest instead of a dialogue about the work and networking to make careers happen. I find it juvenile and I expect more from someone who is supposed to be professional. But that’s just me. I went to and I find it utterly fascinating! You do ferret out the coolest things mariana, thank you for passing along to me. HUGS

    1. Thank you Mr. Squires. The last person one must truly listen to and hear, is oneself. You can take in all the noise and decipher each bit of this and that, but eventually, it’s just the one who must decide, yes. 🙂

  3. I love it, love it…I’ve written a few novels, just you know ’cause I love writing so much…I once sent a few chapters to a publishing house, of one their editors sent back a note saying it was ‘too ambitious in scope’ what???? Anyhoo, it does need a lot of work now that I think more clearly, and I will get around to it eventually…one day, I love writing, but I hate the business end of it, now if miraculously one were to suddenly appear and say, just write, give it to me, and I’ll do all the rest, I might go for it…or not!

    1. LOL Lorraine! Dear God, editors are the ball and chain of every writer’s ego. They are either jaded or fresh out of university and know it all. If you have written a book or books, I urge you to do something with them NOW! As for the ‘too ambitious in scope’ remark, it’s easily translated to mean what all rejections mean: No. lol
      Have you read the essay I post on this blog about John Kennedy Toole? He wrote a novel called ‘A Confederacy Of Dunces’ and his experience with editors and publishing is terribly sad and common. Incidentally, he was a literary genius and I adored that book. I agree, the business aspect of writing can be daunting and tedious but ultimately it’s<———-proper contraction 😉 better for an artist to have control of the end product. Far too many writers have suffered loss of creative control and the dollars went out the window.

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