One Poet, One Quote

Arthur Rimbaud October 20, 1854 ~ November 10, 1891

~”La vie est la farce que chacun doit exécuter.”~

~”Life is a farce which  everyone has to perform.”~


Author: valo

I am a poet, writer and activist with a special interest in human rights for children and women as well as the elimination of poverty worldwide. If you read this today, feed someone locally for me will you? Drop off a non perishable food item at the food bank nearest you and consider yourself hugged. Thank you!

16 thoughts on “One Poet, One Quote”

  1. In my minds eye…artists have strong spirits and emotions. When stifled or out right tortured into who they feel themselves not to be…by thier own families and societies hyprocritical moralities as children…they explode with what we call talent…to try to capture proper norishment for thier individual souls and to find answers why? Why aren’t they supported for who they are and loved unconditionally. Instead of having to reproduce in themselves for thier parents unlived lives that also were in obeyance to the same unauthentic paths of those before them. Those with weaker spirits die into short lives many times so very repressed… death is courted as a strange advancement…

    1. Your last sentiment in your comment is probably truer now for many people than ever before Wrenbrook. Other than drug abuse, the core reason so much suffering and mental illness is ravaging this planet is the very factor you’ve identified. So sad and yet, as you say, it is a launching pad for talent and great works of art and isn’t it odd that misery and oppression are what propel the human race forward in great leaps toward a day when we will be free of it every enslaving nonsense we can conjure. At the end of his life, Rimbaud knew this at last. It’s a pleasure to have you visit my blog and I hope you come back again. 🙂

  2. Oh my… he *is* cute… maybe my next poem will be called “Arthur”!!!

    Great quote too. If life is a farce, I guess I’m the leading lady?

    1. Bryan Honey, his eyes could melt a million hearts. I think you definitely do need to write a tribute poem to this passionate brilliant man. 🙂 Indeed, and a wonderful leading lady too, but that means I’m the dresser! 😉

  3. I also agree…and yes good looking young man…had he lived longer heaven knows what else he would have inspired us with!

    When I see these, I always wonder have their re-incarnated? and who is he/she today…still a writer/a philosopher…deep down don’t we all wish well for those who believe in re-incarnation and who are writers/poets today, that our previous incarnation was a know writer? lol I know I do

    1. Well Lorraine, reincarnation is true isn’t it? 😉 Who were we? Hmmmm…some people know who they were and stay quiet about it, some people don’t know who they were and search for it, and others search, find, stay quiet, then write it. 🙂 Rimbaud was one of a kind, a master and yes he left this planet early. 😦 He did however leave us with a map to a greater understanding of self, which is the reason writers/artists reincarnate many times, to clarify and add to that map. hugs

  4. I have always been fascinatied with Rimbaud and Valerian relation. There is a movie a watched tons of times that tries to show the nature of their relation. The your poet admiration for the tortured talented older one, the sexual interaction reflecting the power struggle among them. I loved that movie, even it was probably not a very good one.
    IT is a nice quote, but I am not sure about it, of course we all have to twist ourselves a little in order to fit in society, but face, why farce? because you feel it like that, because you want it to be like that. Of course Society is based on its culture wich you can say is a farse, but still, it is culture we are talking about, not our own personal human beings.
    TAkes you val for such a good “intelectual cuality” post

    1. i saw that movie as well.
      he was a brillant and tortured young man.

      but man – i wish i could write like that!

      1. Arthur Rimbaud was simply beautiful. I wish I could write that well also. I’m really curious now about that movie and I’m going to hunt for it and watch It Jessie. 🙂

    2. Hi mariana, and thank you for responding with some very interesting ideas relating to Rimbaud’s perspective on life. I agree, at some point it is personal to feel as if you are participating in a farce. In a way, he lived in a time when many people were repressed due to the religious oppression everywhere that made just about anything that wasn’t approved by the church to be taboo. Thankfully we’ve moved forward and continue to do so and Rimbaud along with many other artists are the reason why we’ve stepped out of those dark ages. Another thing that occurred to me was that there are many who are born to do great things and because of the nature of their purpose, can never fit in and thus live a farce in that way. Perhaps it’s the fear of individualism that forces us to make those who rebel to feel left out and therefore farcical. I’ve never seen that movie and now you have me very curious about it mariana, and enough that I’ll go looking for it so I can watch too. Yes, Arthur’s relationship with Verlaine was about power and they certainly tore each other apart. Very sad. Artist’s of all stripes are notorious for having tempestuous and passionate love affairs and I think it feeds the work.

    1. Yes Maxine, he’s brooding, cheeky and out to change the world. It can be done, one poet/dreamer/writer/revolutionary at a time. 🙂 Missed ya and it’s good to see you.

  5. He was kinda cute! I also believe that “this ain’t no dress rehearsal.” The thing is, somehow it’s all tied in with acting. Hmmm… I’m sure there’s something deep here. If my mind wasn’t so fried from editing, I might be able to figure out what it is!!!

    1. Hi Debbie! Long time no see but I’m glad you’ve surfaced from editing long enough to visit me. Hmmm…Arthur Rimbaud…I think with this remark, he was stating his resignation with how we must go through the motions many times in our lives. I like this quote, because although it’s kind of fatalistic, it makes light of the human condition in society and puts our collective egos in check. Of course, I could be completely wrong, but those are my two cents in the kitty. 🙂

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