Children Have No Rights And All Adults Are to Blame

There are people on this planet, lots of them in your little world actually, who think it is evil to eat meat, wear fur or discriminate against minority groups. However, these same people think it’s okay to slap, ridicule, lie to, ignore, neglect and sexually abuse their children or someone else’s. THIS is the world we inhabit, not the pretend reality most create out of the clay of apathy and social selfishness. Yeah, I’m ranting again and it won’t fucking stop until they dump my sorry arse in the ground. CHILDREN matter more than anyone or anything else. 

If you like your causes and demonstrations either in the physical reality or the virtual world via facebook, twitter, blogs etc, then why not demonstrate against the fact that children are STILL seen as property by their parents and the government and that they have no rights at all simply because they are innocent, weak and vulnerable. 

As I sit typing these words I am completely aware that this post and anything I say/write on behalf children is futile and that no such demonstration will ever occur on par with the civil rights movement, gay rights, environmental awareness or even animal rights. Think about that and consider why this is. I don’t expect any comments to this and I certainly know there won’t be any shares or likes, because it’s too important and real and more than a bit uncomfortable for most.

3 thoughts on “Children Have No Rights And All Adults Are to Blame

  1. Children do not matter
    “more than anyone
    or anything else”

    There must be a space
    for everyone from older
    siblings to parents

    and other adults
    regardless of gender
    regardless of sex

    there are
    among them
    parents and governments

    who choose to demonstrate
    while appropriating

    often irrelevant
    side issue things

    and will take action
    against anyone
    or anything

    who or that threatens their children
    without so much
    as a word

    or a drop of the hat.

    Silence is not the same thing as apathy. Silence is sometimes: anyone screws over the positive message I give my children and no-one will ever be able to tell from my public position that I was the one who put the bullet in their head.

    Oops. I think I just dropped my hat. I might as well like and share what you’re saying now, Val. That ought to confuse them.

  2. I agree. I saw three war zones and I went on four food, water and medicine missions for President Clinton. I saw thousands of homeless people. Mainly woman and children. I was a good son. I followed my father to war. I told my child. Do not follow my path. No winners in war. Children pay for the greed and hate of their parent. Thank you for your thoughts on a important topics.

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